India is the only nation to have won the 60 Over, 50 Over and 20 Over World Cups.

60 over – 1983, 50 over – 2011, 20 over – 2007
Indian National Cricket Team is the main group that has prevailed upon a 60, 50 over and 20 over world container . 

India prevailed upon the 60 world glass under the administration of Kapil Dev (cricketer) in Cricket World Cup 1983 

It was uncommon because of following reasons :- 
  • India wasn't given the outside opportunity to win the world container
  • Preceding the beginning of this world glass india had just won 1 coordinate in joined two world measures of 1975 and 1979 
  • This is india's record in 1975 and 1979 world container 

India in won the debut 2007 World T20 2007 ICC World Twenty20

It was unique because of following reasons :-
  • It was out of the blue that any nation won the t20 world container 
  • It was out of the blue that dhoni won any real icc competition 
  • India at that point prevailed upon the 50 world glass under the initiative of appealling pioneer Mahendra Singh Dhoni (cricketer) in the year Cricket World Cup 2011 This world container was critical as a result of two reasons 
  • India turned into the principal nation to win the world container at home 
  • It was last world container for Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar (cricketer) 
  • Dhoni turned into the main skipper to win world mugs in two unique organizations 
Just West-Indies have approached do this one of a kind triplet . They have won 2 world measures of both 1975 and 1979 under the administration of Clive Lloyd 

There triumphs were extraordinary in light of the fact that,These two world mugs saw the development of west-non mainstream players in odi cricket. These world glasses saw the power elements being moved to west-non mainstream players and ceasing of monoply of britain and australia in worldwide cricket.

West - Indies at that point won the 2012 t20 world container and ICC T20 World Cup 2016 under the initiative of Darren Sammy. 

These two triumphs are exceptional on the grounds that it set up west-independents as power house in t20. They have to prevail upon the 50 world container to turn into the main the second country to do as such.

Windies can coordinate India's accomplishment in the event that they can prevail upon a 50 World Cup Only one group can rise to this remarkable accomplishment of India and that is the West Indies. They have prevailed upon the 60 and 20-more than (2012 and 2016) world competitions multiple times each yet have not prevailed upon a WC in the 50 design. The nearest they have gone to the WC in 50 overs was in 1996 when they lost to Australia by five keeps running in the semi-finals. Jason Holder's side currently needs to finish the crown trio by prevailing upon a 50 WC and given the unstable side the Windies have picked for the current year, it probably won't look as far-fetched as it used to in the not really far off past. Other than the Windies, no one else have the extension to coordinate India's record since the world no more plays 60-over recreations. 

What number of overs were there in past Cricket World Cup matches? 

The initial three releases of the competition – 1975, '79 and '83 – were played with a 60 over organization. The competition was diminished to 50 overs-per-side in 1987 when Australia beat England in the last in Kolkata to guarantee the World Cup out of the blue.

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