Vinod Kambli's Test match average is better than Sachin Tendulkar

Vinod Kambli played only 17 Test matches which included two back to back double tons. Kambli’s Test average is 54.20 while his childhood friend Sachin Tendulkar averages 53.78 after 200 Tests.

Vinod Kambli
Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli, Photo Source: Twitter

Whenever Kambli and Sachin played together in their late youngsters, restriction skippers dreaded Kambli more, Kambli was the principle worry for every contrary group. As Vamsi Krishna brought up, Kambli fared superior to Sachin in 'school and school cricket' in any case, in spite of his better record, Kambli continued getting disregarded and the wonder Sachin discovered extraordinary favors from the powerful ex players, selectors and so forth, and he made it to the National side, Kambli needed to hang tight for four more years....but crude ability as he might have been, Kambli lit up International cricket, he scored 2 twofold hundreds of years and 2 centuries in his initial couple of tests-that 'little' accomplishment didn't get the equivalent "awww!!!" that a Sachin 100 does, at any rate, for quite a bit of his profession, Kambli additionally had a superior ODI normal then Sachin, he was increasingly forceful and progressively successful. Along these lines, presently, even in International cricket, Kambli figured out how to dominate Sachin-atleast factually, yet, media, ex cricketers and dependent on their ideas the open dependably had Sachin as their cynosure and Kambli never got due acknowledgment for his accomplishments, that unquestionably may have prompted some dissatisfaction, this frustrtion anyway was to a great extent anticipated by the media and Kambli's picture before long took type of uncontrollable, egotistical cricketer. Whatever may have being the reasons, Kambli didn't react to weight excessively well. Kambli couldn't conquer that circumstance and his structure endured a droop. I wonder if the selectors could have spoiled him as much as they spoiled an out of structure Sachin. Nobody gave Kambli a reasonable additional opportunity, nobody had confidence in him and continued with him as they accomplished for a Rohit Sharma. Kambli in the long run played his last test at age 24. with avg 54.50. His bearer was prematurely ended!! I wonder how great a batsman he would have been or what records he would have accomplished, however an extraordinary batsman is nothing about what he was able to do or he could have done, it is tied in with enduring the game both on the field and off the field.

Vinod Kambli has a higher normal in Test matches than his beloved companion Sachin Tendulkar. Kambli made 1,084 keeps running in 17 Tests matches, at a normal of 54.20 while Tendulkar has a normal of 53.78 in the 200 Tests he played. Sachin Tendulkar made his universal presentation against Pakistan 27 years prior on November 15, 1989.

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