Rahul dravid bowled out maximum times in test cricket

This without a doubt must be the most sudden record of the parcel given that Rahul Dravid's barrier was solid to the point that he was given the sobriquet of 'The Wall'. Nonetheless, that very protection has been broken extremely number occasions in Tests, a record multiple times. During the primary portion of his 16-year long worldwide profession (1996-2004), he was bowled multiple times. This is essentially in light of the fact that he was developing as a batsman and was along these lines bound to be somewhat powerless. In any case, it was during the fag end of his profession when his safeguard was broken over and over. Of the last 13 innings that the previous Indian skipper played, he was bowled in 9 of them. He had an especially hard time during his last test arrangement, the voyage through Australia in 2011-12 , wherein he was bowled multiple times in 8 innings.

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Be that as it may, underneath are some astounding records of Rahul Dravid :

• Has confronted more conveyances (31258) and invested more energy in the center (44152 mins) while batting than some other batsman in the historical backdrop of Test cricket.

• The just worldwide cricketer to have enlisted a hundred in each of the ten Test playing countries

• Has been associated with more organizations (738) and more association runs (32,039) than some other batsman in Test cricket history

• Has progressively hundred run associations and more fifty run organizations than some other batsman - 88 and 126 individually.

• Holds the world record for accepting most number of gets as a non-wicket manager defender in Test Cricket. He resigned with a record take of 210 gets from 164 matches

Dravid was known as The Wall" for his capacity of "fighting off the fiercest, the quickest and the wiliest of bowlers around the globe", he was so strong with his method and barrier that multiple occasions he played like a sheer grapple for his group.

He has confronted 31258 conveyances most by any batsman on the planet. Presently, these quantities of conveyance are the declaration of his temperament.He played some extremely significant and critical innings that looked simply like a fantasy for some other batsman to achieve.

It depends once in a while on the batsman, the manner in which he frequently gets rejected. There will be dependably the one, who's going to top the rundown, in any of the sense.(in terms of accomplishments and disappointment). No one needs to rehash such example of rejection yet it happens now and again.

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